Stockholm attack: 39-year-old Uzbek man believed to be the terrorist

The Swedish Police Authority confirmed today that the suspect who was arrested last night in connection with the deadly vehicular attack in Stockholm was most likely the driver. However, it is possible that other people aided him in carrying out the attack. The suspect is a 39-year-old from Uzbekistan.

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A day after the deadly vehicular attack in Stockholm, the motive behind the attack is still unclear. However, Swedish police have revealed new details about the investigation and the main suspect who was arrested. According to the police investigators, they have been able to link the suspect to the terror attack and they are convinced that he was the driver.

However, the police stressed that there were most likely other people involved in the terror attack: “There is nothing that indicates that he is the wrong person. The suspicions against the suspect have strengthened but we cannot rule out the possibility that other people were involved.” The name of the suspect has not been released but the authorities stated that the man is a 39-year-old from Uzbekistan.

Stockholm, yesterday Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

“He was not under a current security investigation but he was known to us,” said Anders Thornberg, chief of the Swedish Security Service. “He was on our radar before.” Police said that a device was discovered in the truck but they did not say whether it was an explosive device, as some police officials told reporters earlier today.

“We found something in the truck on the driver’s seat,” said Dan Eliasson, chief of the Swedish Police Authority. “[It is a] technical device that doesn’t belong there. I don’t know at the moment whether it was a bomb or some sort of flammable device. We are waiting for the technical analysis.”

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