Swastika drawn in feces found on bathroom wall at Rhode Island design school

A swastika drawn in human feces was discovered in a dorm bathroom of a Rhode Island school. The school said it is investigating the incident both as an act of vandalism and as a hate crime.
Photo credit: Channel 2 News

A swastika drawn with human feces was discovered in a dorm bathroom at the Rhode Island School of Design.

The school has confirmed the reports, adding that it has gathered all of the students who live on that floor and urged them to share any information they had.

"This level of disrespect and vitriol is completely unacceptable," the school said in a statement. "RISD public safety is investigating it as both an act of vandalism and a crime of hate."

One student said, "It's pretty shocking because I think everybody is wondering who it is. I have a feeling most likely they're really just trying to shock people."

"You don't know if it's somebody who actually has a mental illness or you don't know if it's somebody who's just trying to play a prank or they actually or anti-Semitic," said another.

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