Australia: Shark bites 17-year-old’s leg while surfing with father

A 17-year-old girl went surfing with her father in Western Australia’s Wylie Bay when suddenly, her leg got stuck and was bitten by a shark. She was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead after suffering from extensive bleeding.
Great white shark Photo Credit: Joseph Belanger/123FR

An Australian teenage girl was killed in front of her family after being attacked by a great white shark in Western Australia’s Wylie Bay. The girl was pulled out of the water after her leg was mauled off during the shark attack and later on, was pronounced dead at the hospital after suffering from extensive bleeding.

17-year-old Laeticia Brouwer went into the water at Wylie Bay with her father in order to surf when she was suddenly attacked by a great white shark, which mauled her leg. The injured teen lost her leg and her father rescued her from the water as she suffered from extensive blood loss. Her mother and sister, who saw the entire incident, called the local emergency services.

Brouwer was taken to the hospital, where doctors attempted to stabilize her condition, but eventually pronounced her death that resulted from her massive bleeding. “We heard screams before the shark pulled her under the water,” eye-witnesses stated. “Her dad and another teen pulled her towards the beach so that she could be evacuated.”

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