Rising tensions between Russia and the West following attacks on Syrian hospital

Tensions are rising between Moscow and the West hours after an Aleppo hospital was attacked for the second time. The US is claiming that Russian policy is strengthening terror organizations and Britain is accusing Russia of committing war crimes. Moscow warned that an attempted attack on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime will lead to “frightening, tectonic shifts” in the Middle East.
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Tensions are rising between Washington and Moscow following the ongoing escalation in Syria particularly in the city of Aleppo. After the largest hospital in the city was bombed this morning (Saturday) for a second time this week, other countries around the world are calling for a firmer stand against Russia.

This morning, the largest hospital in Aleppo sustained heavy damage after fighter jets bombarded it with 4 barrels of explosives and two cluster bombs, according to human rights organizations in the city. During the last week, at least 330 people were killed, at least one third of whom were children, as a result of the bombardment of areas under rebel control, among them 3 children. The World Health Organization warns that hundreds of injured may die of their wounds following the forced closure of the hospitals.

“If the US launches a direct aggression against Damascus and the Syrian Army, it would cause a terrible, tectonic shift not only in the country but in the entire region,” warned Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

Destroyed hospital in Aleppo Photo credit: Channel 2 News

British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson attacked Russia’s policies and claimed that many of Russia’s military actions in Syria are considered war crimes. He added that his country has proof that Russian planes bombed civilian targets and even waited for rescue forces to arrive at the scene before attacking the same place again.

Destruction in Syria Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Johnson mentioned that the US and Britain are considering different courses of action in order to increase pressure on Russia. “The single most potent weapon we have is shame,” said Johnson. “The world’s attitude towards Russia has been hardening and I think people now believe that Russia is in danger of becoming a pariah nation.”

Johnson Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

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