Texas residents return home to try and save personal items

The New York Times reported that Hurricane Harvey’s death toll rose to 46. Meanwhile, widespread flooding along with search and rescue efforts continue within Texas. The storm is still weakening and many residents wish to return to their flooded homes in order to try and save at least some of their personal belongings.
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The New York Times reported last night (Friday) that Hurricane Harvey’s death toll rose to 46 people. Many of Texas’s cities are still under water and thousands of people have found themselves without electricity or clean water.

Thousands of residents will spend the weekend in public storm shelters after they were evacuated from their homes. However, many of them are having difficulty dealing with the losses and as the storm continues to weaken, some of them are trying to return to their homes.

Thousands of homes damaged Photo Credit: CNN/Channel 2 News

“To see fishing boats floating in what used to be your street is surreal,” residents say. As the streets of Texas are still flooded, residents are forced to wait for the patrol boats in the area to take them to their homes. “This is something we’ve never seen before,” they are saying. “I’m not sad, but I want to move on,” said one of the residents, who returned to his home in order to try and collect important documents, his computer and some clothes.

The flooding in Houston Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The immense damage caused by the storm has led many to lose personal items and property, but the residents say that mainly losing their personal items, such as photo albums, is what hurts the most. “These are things that are irreplaceable,” the residents are saying. Up until this point, the storm has damaged more than 100,000 homes and more than 103,000 Texas residents are in need of emergency state aid, such as with damaged property and help paying rent. “It’s really confusing. I can’t digest it,” said an 86-year-old Houston resident, who returned to his home in order to collect his medication. “What’re we going to do? What will happen next?”

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