Hundreds of hate crimes reported in the last week alone

Since the election last week, over 300 hate crimes have been reported related to race, religion and sex. The FBI reports a drastic increase in hate crimes against Muslim-Americans during 2015.
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There have been more than 300 reports of race or sex based harassment and assault this past week alone according to Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that monitors hate crimes. This alarming number is close to the number of total hate crimes reported in the last six months leading up to the election.

Based on information provided by the SPLC, most of the incidences took place at school or university campuses and most, if not all, were directly connected with the President-Elect’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

"Black lives don't matter and neither does your VOTE" Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

The SPLC admitted that they were unable to verify all of the reports but that leading media outlets throughout the US have also vetted dozens of cases reported thus far and concluded that hate crimes are significantly on the rise.

Of the verified cases reported, some involved the following: hate messages towards African Americans spray painted on a church in Maryland; a white man threatening a Muslim university student to remove her hijab or he will “set her on fire;” notes saying “Trump Rules” and “black bitch” left on a woman’s car in Philadelphia, and many more like these.

Muslim-Americans facing increasing number of assaults and harassment Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Meanwhile, the FBI released a report about 2015’s steep 66% rise in hate crimes against Muslims nationally reported since 2001. Trump began his campaign that same year in which he declared his intentions to prevent Muslims from entering the US, if elected.

Based on such reports, the total amount of hate crimes reported nationally rose by 6% in the last year, with most of said crimes being perpetrated by white assailants, 59% of which were of racist intent.  All in all, more than 5,800 crimes of this sort were committed leaving 7,121 victims.

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