Theresa May announces plans to hold early general election soon

British Prime Minister Theresa May made an unexpected announcement today, informing the British people that she would like to hold an early general election on June 8. “The country is coming together but Westminster is not,” she explained.
May Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Tuesday during a press conference that she intends to move up the general election date to June 8. “I have just chaired a meeting of the cabinet, where we agreed that the government should call a general election,” she said. “Last summer, after the country voted to leave the European Union, Britain needed certainty, stability and strong leadership and since I became prime minister, the government has delivered precisely that.” 

“Since the referendum, we have seen consumer confidence remain high, record numbers of jobs and economic growth that has exceeded all expectations,” May added. “Britain is leaving the European Union and there can be no turning back.”

“We want a deep and special partnership between a strong and successful European Union and a United Kingdom that is free to chart its own way in the world,” continued May. “That means we will regain control of our own money, our own laws and our own borders and we will be free to strike trade deals with old friends and new partners all around the world.”

“At this moment of enormous national significance, there should be unity here in Westminster but instead there is division,” she stated. “The country is coming together but Westminster is not.” May then mentioned some of the disputes within the British government and parliament. 

May added that she will put forward a motion in the British House of Commons on Wednesday proposing an election on 8 June. May said that the election is important in order to conduct the negotiations with the European Union. “Let’s tomorrow vote for an election – let’s put forward our plans for Brexit and our alternative programs for government and then let the people decide,” she added.

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