More of Clinton's e-mails leaked by WikiLeaks

Hours after the US government accused Russia of hacking into the Democratic Party's computers in order to affect the outcome of the presidential race, WikiLeaks exposed thousands of e-mails between Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager.
Clinton Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

WikiLeaks exposed today (Saturday) thousands of e-mails between Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager.

The emails were leaked only a few hours after the US accused Russia of exposing some of Clinton's e-mails in order to try to affect the outcome of the presidential race.

The authenticity of the e-mails has still not been confirmed by Clinton's campaign but her staff didn't deny their content. The content of the e-mails sheds a bit of light on the relationship between Clinton and Wall Street as well as her opinions on trade and regulations.

During the presidential race, Clinton has attempted to present herself as a protector of the middle class against the large corporations. As of now, the damage to her campaign caused by these leaks is still unknown.

It seems that the presidential race is full of surprises as more and more leaks and recordings appear in the media. Earlier today, JOL reported that Republican Candidate Donald Trump issued a public apology after a recording of him objectifying women from 2005 was released.

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