Trump administration cancels Pride Month traditions

The LGBT community in the US is furious as US President Donald Trump canceled the White House’s Pride Month traditions.
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As rainbow flags decorate many streets around the world in recognition of Pride Month, US President Donald Trump has decided to end Barack Obama’s eight-year tradition of LGBT Pride Month celebrations in the White House.

During his two terms in office, Obama issued statements every June declaring the month as LGBT Pride Month and held various events for the community at the White House. Obama’s proclamations recognized “the fight for dignity and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people,” and during his presidency, embassies, including the one in Tel Aviv, hung up rainbow flags.

Today, the White House released a string of proclamations marking June as National Homeownership Month, National Ocean Month, African-American Music Appreciation Month and Great Outdoors Month. However, no proclamation was released for LGBT Pride Month. Likewise, no LGBT Pride Month events at the White House have been announced.

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi criticized the Trump administration in her own Pride Month statement, saying: “As we mark LGBT Pride Month, we honor the LGBT leaders who have striven to build a more just society for all, and recognize the struggles and sacrifices they have endured in the fight for equality.”

“This month, we celebrate their triumphs and remember that our Founders’ creed – that all are created equal – is not inevitable; that we must work every day to forge a more just, inclusive and perfect union,” she continued.

She added: “Tremendous progress has been achieved, but the journey is far from over. LGBT Americans face an assault on their rights from the White House and House Republicans.”

“These hateful, discriminatory attacks dishonor our nation’s most sacred ideals of liberty and make passage of the Equality Act – which would bring the full force of the Civil Rights Act to secure equality for LGBT people – even more urgent,” she added. “This bill is about respect and pride, not mere tolerance, and House Democrats will not relent until it has been made law.”

DNC Chair Tom Perez added: “Despite their promises, the Trump administration is hell-bent on rolling back progress, starting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to end protections for transgender students."

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