Trump lands in Riyadh: The first stop on his international diplomacy tour

US President Donald Trump has landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, marking the start of his first international tour since taking office. After attending several engagements scheduled in Saudi Arabia, Trump will continue onward to Israel, Italy and Belgium.

Watch: Trump and his wife Melania welcomed by the Saudi king in Riyadh

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Amid the domestic political storms, US President Donald Trump landed in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, for his first stop on his international diplomacy tour. Trump and his wife Melania were received by the Saudi king on the red carpet at Riyadh Airport. From there, Trump continued on to a series of meetings with Saudi officials. After Saudi Arabia, Trump will continue to Israel, Italy and Belgium.

Air Force One landed this morning in Saudi Arabia after a 14-hour flight from Washington DC. At the end of the welcoming reception, Trump will attend several engagements including a visit to the king's palace in Riyadh. Trump’s eight-day diplomacy tour will include visits to five countries including Israel. Trump is expected to land in Israel on Monday morning.

Trump and his wife Melania greeted by members of the Saudi royal family Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

However, Trump's upcoming visit to Israel has repeatedly encountered roadblocks. Yesterday, the White House published a short video about the tour’s goals but featured a map of Israel with pre-1967 lines. Furthermore, although the video included an outlined schedule for Israel, there was no mention of his planned visit to the Western Wall.

Detail omissions regarding Trump's visit to Israel are not new. Two weeks ago, the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia posted an incomplete video on its Twitter page mentioning all of the countries Trump will visit aside from Israel.

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