Trump chooses White House chief of staff, chief strategist

One of the senior-level positions within Donald Trump’s administration will not be occupied by a Washington outsider but Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus. Last night, Trump named Priebus as his White House chief of staff.
Trump and Priebus Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

US President-elect Donald Trump chose Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus to be his White House chief of staff last night (Sunday). Priebus was one of Trump’s senior-level Republican supporters from the beginning.

Priebus is considered a highly respected Republican official who has good connections with other senior-level Republicans. Priebus is a well-known Washington insider, meaning that Trump somewhat deviated from the plan he advocated during the election race when he said that he would appoint outsiders in order to bring change to Washington.

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Stephen Bannon, who oversaw Trump’s presidential campaign, was a candidate for the position, according to several reports. However, Bannon was appointed chief strategist to Trump.

“Steve and Reince are highly qualified leaders who worked well together on our campaign and led us to a historic victory,” said Trump. “Now I will have them both with me in the White House as we work to make America great again.”

As reported earlier today by JOL, in his first interview since the election, Trump spoke about his immigration policy.

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