Trump considers Camp David-style summit to resolve latest tensions between its Middle East allies

According to a White House official, US President Donald Trump is considering hosting a Camp David-style summit during which he hopes to resolve the latest tensions between some of the US’ Arab state allies and Qatar as well as the dismantling of terrorism: “It’s not just about the Qatari elements funding the brotherhood but disavowing support for extremism in general.”
"Its a Camp David moment" Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Fox News reported on Saturday night that US President Donald Trump is considering a Camp David-style summit to address the latest tensions between the Unites States’ allies in the Arab world. At the summit, Trump will intend to renew his call on the Arab states to fight Islamic extremism.

According to the report, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and five other Muslim countries would be expected to attend, states which have in recent weeks suspended diplomatic relations with Qatar. These select Gulf power states have accused Qatar of financing terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, in addition to accusing Iran of instigating instability in the region.

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A White House official confirmed that the administration was gauging several options to resolve the crisis in the Persian Gulf, including a model of the peace talks held at Camp David between Israel and Egypt during the Clinton Administration. "It’s a Camp David moment. We’ve seen nothing like this in 40 years, and now the president wants to follow through,” a senior White House official told Fox News.

According to the same official, Trump is interested in discussing at the summit the dismantling of the foundations of terrorism and instability in the Middle East, and not only with regards to Qatar. "The president now wants to bring all the key players to Washington,” stated the official. “They need to disavow groups like the [Muslim] Brotherhood for the stability of the Middle East at large. It’s not just about the Qatari elements funding the brotherhood but disavowing support for extremism in general.”

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