Watch: Trump calls for drug test before next debate

During a rally, Donald Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton attended the last debate under the influence of stimulants and called for drug tests to be conducted on both of the candidates before the third debate. Trump also criticized the American media, asserting that it is spreading lies in an effort to elect her as president.
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Today (Saturday) during a rally in New Hampshire, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a drug test to be conducted both on himself and on his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton before the next debate. He also insinuated that Clinton had been under the influence of stimulants during the last debate.

“We should take a drug test prior to the debate because I don’t know what’s going on with her,” Trump said at the New Hampshire rally. “But at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning and at the end, she could barely reach her car,” he stated, implying that Clinton was under the influence of drugs.

Trump then took to Twitter and criticized the financial establishment, Bill Clinton, the White House and the American media. “The election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing false allegations and outright lies in an effort to elect her president,” the Republican presidential candidate tweeted.

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