Trump: We have to hold the media 'to the truth'

U.S. President Donald Trump criticized mainstream media outlets today and called for the public to “hold them to the truth.”
Trump Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

U.S. President Donald Trump, who will soon mark his 100th day in office, attacked the media on Monday. In a series of tweets, he said that every story about him in the media “is badly slanted.”

“The Fake Media (not Real Media) has gotten even worse since the election,” he wrote on Twitter. “Every story is badly slanted. We have to hold them to the truth!”

Trump drew attention to Fox & Friends: “‘The first 90 days of my presidency has exposed the total failure of the last eight years of foreign policy!’ So true.” Trump was referring to the statement made by author Michael Knowles on the Monday morning edition of the show: “It is unbelievable how within the first 100 days of this presidency we have exposed the total failure of the last eight years of foreign policy.”

In a separate tweet, Trump suggested that his followers read the mostly blank book Reasons to vote for Democrats by Michael J. Knowles: “A great book for your reading enjoyment: "REASONS TO VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS" by Michael J. Knowles.”

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