Trump and Netanyahu discuss ‘dangers surrounding the nuclear agreement with Iran’

After Iran announced that its S-300 missile defense system is operational, U.S. President Donald Trump called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in order to discuss the threats from Tehran. Netanyahu took the call even though he was being questioned by police officers for the fourth time regarding ongoing investigations.
Trump and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

U.S. President Donald Trump spoke over the phone this evening (Monday) with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The conversation took place during Netanyahu’s fourth interrogation and was focused on the various Iranian threats in the region.

The Prime Minister’s Office stated that the two leaders discussed “the dangers surrounding the nuclear agreement with Iran and the need to work together in order to deal with them.” Last week, Iran reported that it conducted another successful test of its S-300 missile system.

Iran’s Fars News Agency released the footage of the trial of the Russian missile system, which was conducted as part of a military exercise. According to Iranian news outlets, the test concluded a series of trials and the missile defense system is now operational.  

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