Message to Israel: Trump is serious about advancing peace process

Over the past few days, the White House has changed its tone and is sending a clear signal to Jerusalem: despite the hugs and smiles, US President Donald Trump is serious about advancing an Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
Is a peace process in the cards? Trump and Abbas Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Over the past few days, US President Donald Trump has been vigorously courting after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Hidden within this courtship is a message from the US to Israel that Trump is very serious about advancing a peace process with the Palestinians quite soon. As of now, all of the fantasies regarding a delay or expectations that a peace agreement will be swept under the carpet are no longer realistic.

Trump’s special Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt attended the Arab Summit that is currently being held in Jordan and is supposed to meet with Abbas tomorrow, making this their second meeting in less than two weeks. Furthermore, Abbas is expected to visit the White House next week in order to meet Trump for the first time.

The US’s efforts over the past few days mark a change in the line of urgency and the desire to provide the Palestinians with a signal that the Americans wish to hear their point of view regarding the advancement of the peace process. This effort is also complemented by the fact that there is currently no agreement between the US and Israel regarding settlement construction.

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