Trump retweets controversial GIF of him striking Clinton with golf ball

A controversial GIF retweeted by US President Donald Trump is making headlines throughout the world. The image includes two memes that make it seem as if Trump struck a golf ball that hit his former Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, in the back, knocking her down.
Trump and Clinton during a debate Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

US President Donald Trump retweeted an edited GIF that combined two memes- one showing him striking a golf ball and the other of Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival during the campaign, falling onto the ground. The memes were combined in order to make it seem as if Clinton fell because Trump’s golf ball hit her in the back.

The controversial tweet was uploaded by a user who has declared himself a supporter of the former Democratic candidate’s arrest due to the Clinton email affair. The user also said that he believes in the conspiracy that the Democratic Party was connected to the murder of Seth Rich, who was shot dead last year in Washington.

It is believed that the US president retweeted the GIF in response to Clinton’s new book, which was published last week. In the book, she talks about the 2016 presidential election and harshly criticizes Trump, calling him a “creep” and accusing him of invading her personal space during the debate in St. Louis.

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