Trump during visit to Mexico: “We didn’t discuss the issue of payment”

Republican Candidate Donald Trump arranged a surprise visit to Mexico. Trump’s supporters were disappointed that he did not demand that Mexico pay for the wall. Mexico’s President did not strongly criticize Trump during his visit.
Who will finance the wall between Mexico and the US? Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump arranged a visit to neighboring Mexico last night. During the visit, he stated that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto believes that there will be a wall between the two countries but this time, he did not repeat his demand that he expects Mexico to pay for it.

Having Mexico fund the wall that is to be constructed along the American-Mexican border has been a prominent feature of the Trump Presidential Campaign. Throughout his campaign, Trump has repeatedly called out: “And who will fund the construction of the wall?” His supporters responded: “Mexico!”

Donald Trump visited Mexico after he accused the country of engaging in illegal immigration and drug smuggling into the United States.  During the visit, he met with the Mexican President for a one hour visit inside his official residence.

“We spoke about the wall but we did not speak about who will finance its construction,” Trump stated. “This we will discuss later. This was the very first conversation on the issue. We had an excellent meeting.”

Hillary Clinton is presently leading in the polls. The Trump campaign is hoping that the visit will help to improve Trump’s presidential image by demonstrating that he can deal with issues of critical importance regarding the diplomatic relations between Mexico and the United States.

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