Turkey: “Additional accidents are likely to happen”

Following the downing of the Russian airplane about a week ago that caused a serious crisis between Turkey and Russia, Turkey’s Prime Minister clarified that if there is no security coordination with Russia concerning their activities in Syria, a similar situation is likely to occur.
Turkey's Prime Minister Photo Credit: CNN Turk

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu related this morning to the tensions following the downing of the Russian airplane and explained that they are “two separate coalitions with different goals.”  He warned that if there won’t be security cooperation regarding Russia’s activities in Syria, “other accidents like the downing of the Russian plane are likely to occur.”

Davutoglu announced that the body of the Russian pilot was transferred to Turkey and was “taken care of in accordance with the Russian Orthodox tradition.”  According to him, the body will be transferred soon to Russia.

The downing of the Russian airplane had created great tensions between the two countries.  Russia even announced yesterday that they are imposing economic sanctions on Ankara.  Last week, the Russian pilot had emphasized that his plane never entered Turkish airspace.

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