U.S. authorities: Wife of Ahmad Khan Rahami left the country only days before the bombings

The investigation into the terror attacks committed by Ahmad Khan Rahami in New York and New Jersey continued today, as U.S. authorities are trying to reach Rahami’s wife, who apparently left the country only days before the attacks, in order to investigate her.
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In the last 24 hours, U.S. authorities have been investigating why the wife of Ahmad Khan Rahami, who is suspected of planting explosive devices in New York and New Jersey, left the country only days before the terror attack.

CNN reported that the American investigation teams are in close contact with official elements in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates in order to try and reach the suspect’s wife and investigate her regarding information she may have had about her husband’s intentions to commit terror attacks in U.S. territory.

Yesterday, following a manhunt that lasted several hours and ended in a gunfight, the police managed to arrest Rahami in New Jersey. The suspected terrorist was injured during the exchanges of fire with the police and was evacuated in order to receive medical treatment. Rahami was caught after the police discovered his fingerprint on one of the explosive devices that did not detonate.

Rahami being evacuated to the hospital after he was arrested Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

A U.S. law enforcement official estimated yesterday that Rahami would be charged with five counts of attempted murder and two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon and explosives. In a briefing held by the local police, the investigators clarified that no manhunt was being held after any further suspects at this point and claimed that apparently the terror attacks were not the work of a terror cell but rather a single operation. “We have every reason to believe this was an act of terror,” stated New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, but noted that the motive for the attack was still being examined.

Meanwhile, the suspect’s family informed the authorities that Rahami visited Afghanistan several years ago but claimed that they did not know of any connections to terror organizations. According to U.S. authorities, Rahami visited Afghanistan several times during the last few years.

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