Former British spy behind Trump report fears for his life, flees his home

While US President-elect Donald Trump is still denying reports that Russia possesses sensitive and embarrassing information about him, searches after those responsible for publishing the affair are still under way. A former British intelligence agent is allegedly responsible for publishing the story and media outlets in the UK are reporting that he has fled his home fearing Russia’s revenge.
Who is behind the Trump report publication? Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

This morning (Thursday), media outlets in the UK are reporting that a former British MI6 intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, is behind the sensitive report regarding US President-elect Donald Trump. According to one of his associates, Steele has fled his home fearing for his life.

As reported by JOL, Trump stood before the press yesterday denying the claims that Russia possesses sensitive information about him, including reports of his sexual conduct. According to British reports, Steele, who currently manages an office in London that gathers intelligence, fled his home this morning fearing Russian retaliation over the allegations that he published the report.

“He fears for he and his family’s safety,” said one of Steele’s associates, who described how the former spy packed his belongings, left his cat with a neighbor and went underground.

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