US: Ordinary Americans become heroes after aiding police in bombing suspect’s arrest

Two homeless men found a bag filled with five explosive devices in New Jersey and alerted the local police department. One of the explosive devices had the suspect’s fingerprint on it. After the suspect’s picture was released to the public, a bar owner spotted Ahmad Khan Rahami sleeping near the entrance to his establishment. The bar owner alerted the local police department.
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A few ordinary Americans became known as heroes yesterday (Monday) after they helped arrest 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, who is suspected of planting explosive devices in New York and New Jersey. According to the local police department, Rahami acted alone. Law enforcement agencies are still investigating the motives of the American of Afghan descent, who is currently hospitalized due to the wounds he sustained during the exchange of fire with police.

Meanwhile, new details about Rahami are being revealed. It was reported that Rahami traveled to Afghanistan several times in the past few years. The FBI is trying to determine whether he learned in Afghanistan how to make and plant bombs.

A US law enforcement official estimated last night that Rahami will be charged with five counts of attempted murder and two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon. In addition, more information about the incident in Elizabeth, New Jersey was released yesterday. The local news agencies reported that two homeless men found a bag that had five explosive devices in it and alerted the local police department. A bomb squad robot detonated one of the bombs while the rest were taken by the FBI for further examination. On one of the bombs, Rahami’s finger print was discovered.

Rahami, yesterday Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

Another hero was Harinder Bains, the owner of Merdie’s Tavern in Linden, New Jersey. Bains saw a suspicious man, Rahami, sleeping near the entrance to his bar and called the police. Bains said that he saw CNN’s broadcast about Rahami on his laptop and recognized the suspect’s face. Shortly thereafter, many police officers arrived at the scene. Rahami tried to flee and opened fire on the police, slightly injuring four officers.

Bains became a sensation on social media sites despite the fact that he tried to avoid the media coverage. On Twitter, a campaign was launched to buy him drinks or visit his bar in order to thank him for being so alert. Meanwhile, the local police department held a press conference during which it clarified that at this moment, there are no other suspects in the investigations.

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