US: Caucasian police officer shot, killed African American teen holding BB gun

A 13-year-old African American boy who was suspected of being involved in a robbery was shot dead by a police officer. The police officer saw that the teenager had pulled out a gun. It was discovered later that the boy was holding a BB gun.
Archives Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A 13-year-old African American boy was shot dead on Wednesday night by a Caucasian police officer in Ohio. According to the initial details, it appears that the teenager was holding a BB gun when he was shot. In addition, it was discovered that the police officers at the scene were not wearing their body cameras.

The incident occurred in Columbus, Ohio, when police were responding to a break-in reported in the eastern section of the city. The teenager, Tyre King, put his hand into one of his pockets and pulled out the gun, which caused a police officer to respond by shooting him several times. After the incident, it was discovered that the gun the boy was holding was a small BB gun.

Tyre King Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The incident occurred on Wednesday night but the local police department waited until yesterday to go public with the news. The officer who was involved in the incident is Bryan Mason, who has been a police officer for 9 years.

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