Watch: Car falls off 9-story parking garage

A man was almost killed when he tried to park on the 9th floor of a parking garage. The man’s car broke through the safety barrier and fell off the structure. Luckily, his car caught onto a safety cable, causing it to dangle in the air.
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A man who parked his car on the 9th floor of an office building in Austin, Texas was in serious danger when his car suddenly fell off the parking garage. Luckily, the car caught onto a safety cable, which left it dangling until pedestrians were able to rescue the terrified driver.

In the video that documented the incident, the car is seen hanging from the structure. According to the investigation, it appears that the car broke through the safety barrier, turned over and caught onto the cable. It is still unclear why the driver was not able to step on the brakes in order to prevent the serious incident.

Palmer Buck of the local fire department arrived at the scene and said that the safety cable that miraculously latched onto one of the car’s tires saved it from descending 9 floors. Civilians who were on one of the floors of the parking garage were able to pull the driver safely out of his car. Shortly thereafter, firefighters brought the car down carefully.

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