US sets forth new traveler vetting standards and regulations for countries to comply with

As part of what US President Donald Trump’s administration says are steps to better protect the US from terror attacks, the US State Department has issued a memorandum requesting that all countries take measures to follow procedures that will provide more extensive information on its travelers to the US.
US releases new traveler vetting standards (illustration) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

According to a memo issued by the US State Department, the US will ask all countries to provide greater information on its travelers wishing to enter the country, as part of its fight against terror. The memo also states that countries that do not act according to the new protocol or take the necessary steps to follow in the next 50 days may end up on a list for possible sanctions.

The memorandum sent is merely a summary of the new required vetting standards set forth as part of Trump's executive order to ban migrants from 6 Muslim countries signed earlier this year. It presents several standards that the US will require other countries to meet, including the issuing of electronic passports and reporting lost or stolen passports to INTERPOL.

The US also stated that it will require "any other identity information” that Washington may request or require as part of its visa application, including biometric or biographical information about the person, any criminal record and suspected involvement in terror activities.

"This is the first time that the U.S. Government is setting standards for the information that is required from all countries specifically in support of immigration and traveler vetting," the memo read.

"The U.S. government’s national security screening and vetting procedures for visitors are constantly reviewed and refined to improve security and more effectively identify individuals who could pose a threat to the United States," a U.S. State Department official told Reuters anonymously.

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