US officials: Iranian cruise missile launch failed

According to Fox News, two U.S. officials stated that Iran attempted to launch a cruise missile but the test failed. This was the latest provocation from Tehran after just last month, an Iranian Revolutionary Guards vessel approached a U.S. missile destroyer in the Persian Gulf.
Iranian Navy exercise (archive) Photo Credit: EPA

According to Fox News, Tehran attempted to test a cruise missile by launching it from a submarine in the Strait of Hormuz earlier this week. The two U.S. officials who shared the story with Fox News said that the missile launch failed.

The report also stated that the submarine used in the test was an Iranian Yono-class miniature submarine and that only Pyongyang and Tehran use this type of watercraft.

Over the past few months, the world has witnessed several Iranian provocations as the country prepares for its upcoming presidential election. Last month, an Iranian Revolutionary Guards vessel approached the US missile destroyer USS Mahan at high speed with its weapons manned in the Persian Gulf, according to a Fox News report. As a result, the American vessel deviated from its course.

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