US military: Pro-Assad force invaded deconfliction zone in Syria, ignored our warnings

Forces loyal to the Assad regime invaded a deconfliction zone in southern Syria and refused to evacuate. The US-led coalition attacked the compound, which housed dozens of armed men with tanks and artillery. The US said that it is not looking for a confrontation with the Syrian president’s allies.
An attack in Syria | Archive Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The US-led coalition against ISIS attacked forces loyal to the Assad regime near the town of At Tanf close to the Iraqi border on Tuesday evening. It has not yet been reported whether there were any casualties. The attack occurred after a large military force of Assad supporters entered the area and refused to evacuate. According to a US military statement, two artillery units and anti-aircraft weapons were destroyed and a tank was hit.

The Pentagon reported that the attack was carried out near a coalition training facility and that the pro-government entered the area with a tank, artillery, ground-to-air weapons and more than 60 soldiers. It was also reported that they had ignored a number of warnings sent by the coalition before they proceeded to attack.

A statement from the US Central Command said that “the Coalition destroyed additional pro-Syrian regime forces that advanced inside the well-established deconfliction zone in southern Syria” and added that "the Coalition does not seek to fight the Syrian regime or pro-regime forces but remains ready to defend themselves if pro-regime forces refuse to vacate the deconfliction zone."

The incident occurred after a number of complaints were reported in recent weeks by American officials who claimed that armed militants were refusing to leave the area near At Tanf.

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