Report: Trump to visit Saudi Arabia for arms deal negotiations

Officials in Washington are reporting that the US and Saudi Arabia are conducting negotiations for a multi-billion-dollar arms deal. According to several reports, US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia at the end of the month is part of the huge arms deal.
Trump Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

At the end of May, Trump is supposed to land in Saudi Arabia, which will be his first stop in his diplomatic tour outside of the US. However according to reports, this will not be a regular diplomatic visit, but rather one in which a multi-billion-dollar arms deal will be held between the two countries.

US officials have confirmed the arms deal between Washington and Riyadh. The US is also currently Saudi Arabia’s main arms’ source, but the two countries wish to strengthen their ties.

The negotiations will allegedly concern purchasing an advanced missile defense system, much like the one that the US sold to South Korea and which costs about $1 billion. Furthermore, the two countries will discuss buying and selling advanced communications systems and satellite technology.  

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