Qatari kingdom supports terrorism? Pentagon and President Trump divided

A spokesperson from the Pentagon refused to decide whether Qatar supports terrorism or to address Trump’s tweets on the matter. The senior-level official also made clear that the US Army has no intentions of changing its operations within the country.
Trump and the Emir of Qatar Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Hours after US President Donald Trump’s criticism of Qatar, the Pentagon is relaying different messages. A Pentagon spokesperson refused to answer a question this evening (Tuesday) about whether or not Qatar supports terrorism. “I am not the right person to ask about the matter.” The official, Jeff Davis, emphasized that “at this point, the US has no plan of changing its position and operations in Qatar.”

Davis even praised Qatar, which hosts US Army forces, for its “commitment to security within the region.” The spokesperson stated: “I see in them a good host for our important military base in the city of Odeid.” The Pentagon refused to respond to Trump’s tweets from today, in which he implied that the subject of Qatar supporting terror was raised during his visit to the Arab world. Trump also emphasized that he made very clear to Saudi Arabia and its partners that they must stop funding terrorism.

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