US agrees to revise South Korean missile treaty amid regional tensions

After the recent North Korean missile launch, the US and South Korean presidents agreed to redraft South Korea’s missile treaty limiting the Asian country’s armament capabilities. As part of the agreement, South Korea will purchase billions of dollars-worth of weapons. “South Korea needs to strengthen its defense capabilities to counter the North Korean threat,” the Blue House wrote in a statement.
Tensions continue in Korean peninsula Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The US and South Korea are strengthening their ties in the wake of growing tensions with North Korea. US President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed to redraft the missile treaty between the two countries that limits South Korea’s armament capabilities. According to the White House, Trump gave his “conceptual approval” for South Korea to purchase weapons worth billions of dollars.

The original treaty limited the range and weight of the missiles allowed in South Korea’s possession. “The two leaders agreed that South Korea needs to strengthen its defense capabilities to counter the North Korean threat,” read a statement written by Blue House spokesperson Park Soo-hyun. “The presidents reaffirmed the belief that it is important to impose as many sanctions as possible and pressure North Korea in order to avoid making further provocations and to come to the negotiation table,’ the spokesperson added. 

The US and South Korea's joint exercise Photo Credit: US Air Force/Channel 2 News

As reported on Thursday by JOL, just two days following the North Korean missile launch over Japan, the US and South Korean air forces conducted a joint military exercise in the peninsula’s airspace. Two Rockwell B-1B Lancer heavy bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, F-15 fighter jets and, for the first time in South Korean airspace, F-35 fighter jets participated in the military exercise.

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