US: Trump, Clinton answer difficult questions during commander-in-chief forum

The two leading US presidential candidates answered the questions of former US military members in an attempt to prove that they are worthy of being the next commander-in-chief.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Shortly before the televised debates between the two leading US presidential candidates begin, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the stage in order to answer the questions of former US military members.

During the special NBC News Commander-in-Chief forum, each candidate sat in the middle of the stage surrounded by dozens of former US soldiers who came to get answers to their questions regarding national security, the military and veterans’ issues.   

The Democratic Presidential Candidate was the first to take the stage and tried to convey the message that she has learned from her experience. She emphasized her past decisions to remove American forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and promised to not send soldiers to the Middle East. “I view force as a last resort,” said Clinton. “I will also be as careful as I can in making the most significant decisions any president and commander-in-chief can make about sending our men and women into harm’s way.”

When asked about the nuclear deal the US signed with Iran about a year ago, Clinton said that she welcomes the agreement. “When I became secretary of state, the Iranians were on a fast track to acquiring the material necessary to get a nuclear weapon,” she said. When she was asked whether or not she thinks that the Iranians are deceiving the US, she said: “On the nuclear issue, no. I think we have enough insight into what they’re doing to be able to say we have to distrust but verify. What I am focused on is all the other malicious activities of the Iranians, ballistic missiles, support for terrorists, being involved in Syria, Yemen and other places, supporting Hezbollah, Hamas... I would rather as president be dealing with Iran on all of those issues without having to worry as much about their racing for a nuclear weapon.”

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Clinton clarified that if she is elected president, she will not send American ground forces to the Middle East in order to fight ISIS: “We have to defeat ISIS. That is my highest counterterrorism goal. And we’ve got to do it with air power. We’ve got to do it with much more support for the Arabs and the Kurds who will fight on the ground against ISIS.”

Immediately after the segment with Clinton wrapped up, the Republican Presidential Candidate took the stage. Trump claimed that Clinton, US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are responsible for disasters and that they did not implement the recommendations of security and intelligence experts.

When asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump said that he thinks that as president he would have a good relationship with his Russian counterpart. “If we had a relationship with Russia, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could work on it together and knock the hell out of ISIS?” added Trump.

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