Watch: 9-year-old catches his baby brother as he falls from diaper changing table

A family has released an amazing video showing one of their children saving his baby brother just before he hits the ground. The video shows the mother moving away from the table as the baby begins to roll over. Just before the baby hits the ground, his 9-year-old brother jumps to save the day.
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Tila Levi, a mother of five from Florida, left her 11-month-old baby on the diaper table just for a moment. The baby began to roll over and just before he hit the ground, his 9-year-old brother caught him and might even have saved his life.

In the video, recorded from the camera placed in the children's room, the baby is seen rolling over on his stomach and then descending from the diapering table which is over one meter high. One second before he hits the ground, his 9-year-old brother Joseph is seen catching him.  

Joseph Levi Photo Credit: CNN\Channel 2 News

"I wasn't supposed to catch him, I can't run that fast but I felt that something was pushing me forward," Joseph said. "Miracles happen all the time and I'm grateful that this time it happened to me."

The mother blames herself for the incident, but because this story has a happy ending she decided to release this video, "It happens in a second, and I think that all of our lives can change in a second.”

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