Watch: 6-year-old victim gets superhero funeral

Jacob Hall was murdered at an elementary school in South Carolina and died of his injuries at the hospital. His funeral turned into an emotional and colorful event where 1,500 people accompanied him to the grave, many dressed in superhero outfits.
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Yesterday (Wednesday), 6-year-old Jacob Hall’s funeral took place in the elementary school in South Carolina where he was murdered in a shooting last week. Contrary to regular funerals where guests come dressed in dark clothes, this funeral looked a little different.

Jacob’s casket was decorated with the ninja turtles that he loved, as well as other colorful toys that his friends brought. The guests, many of whom were students and parents from the school, dressed as superhero figures such as Captain American, Batman and Superman. ““He was going to make a difference in this world,” Jacob’s mother Renae said. “He was going to show people how we were brought to this world to love each other, not to hate.”

Superheroes accompany Jacob Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Jacob was killed after getting shot in the leg last week in a shooting that took place on the property of the elementary school where he studied. He lost a lot of blood and died last Saturday at the hospital. Approximately 1,500 mourners showed up at Jacob’s funeral, among them senators and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

The alleged shooter who’s been accused of Jacob’s murder is a 14-year-old boy who drove up to the school and opened fire with no specific target at the playground. He killed Jacob, injured two other students and a teacher. According to police, before going out on a killing spree at the school he shot his father Jeffrey who was sitting in the living room of their house. 47-year-old Jeffrey’s funeral took place in the same church where Jacob was laid to rest.

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