Watch: Car falls seven stories from Austin, Texas parking garage and lands on another car

A BMW hardtop convertible fell seven stories when its driver mistook the brakes for the gas petal and drove off the edge of the Littlefield Parking Garage in Austin, Texas. The driver suffered serious injuries but survived.

Watch: BMW falls seven stories onto an SUV in Texas parking garage

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William Burch was driving his SUV out of a parking lot in Austin, Texas about a month ago when a BMW suddenly fell from the seventh floor onto his car. The driver of the overturned BMW apparently confused the accelerator and the brakes and drove through the protective retention wires of the parking garage. Burch's rear windows were blown out but because he moved his vehicle forward just in time, he emerged from the incident unscathed.

The footage taken by security camera's in the parking garage shows the SUV entering the parking lot to make a U-turn and driving away from the site when the overturned BMW suddenly falls from above.

Construction workers who were in the area ran toward the overturned vehicle and helped rescue the driver. The woman, in her 30s, was evacuated to the hospital suffering from severe but non-life-threatening injuries.

This was the second incident of its kind this year at the Littlefield Parking Garage; last September, another car drove through the same retention wires and though it didn't fall, was left dangling in the air from the ninth floor. The driver managed to escape unharmed.

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