Watch: Brave 6-year-old struggles with robber

The people of New Zealand have found themselves a new national hero. 6-year-old Sarah Patel was acclaimed “the bravest six-year-old in New Zealand” after she stood up to armed robbers who threatened the employees of an electronics store.
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6-year-old Sarah Patel became known as a hero this week after she was not afraid to stand up to a robber who was armed with an ax. She even accompanied one of the victims to a safe place during the robbery. According to the local media stations, she is “the bravest six-year-old in New Zealand.”

The young girl was in an electronics store with her father in Auckland when six masked robbers entered the store with axes. While one of the robbers pinned an employee into a corner of the room, Sarah accompanied one of the shoppers to a safe spot. The security cameras even caught Sarah charging at one of the robbers and latching onto his leg.

Suhail, Sarah’s father, told the local news agencies that his daughter is a hero. “I think she thought that they were about to beat up the employees and she wanted to help,” he explained. “She acted in an exemplary manner. We discovered this only after we saw the footage that was captured by the security cameras.”

According to Suhail, Sarah is distraught from the incident despite the fact that she was very brave during the robbery. Meanwhile, the Auckland Police Department arrested five of the six robbers, all of whom are 16-year-old boys.

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