Watch: China greets Obama in unusual manner, sparking controversy

In the past eight years, the US President has never been received in such a humiliating manner. The Chinese government apparently wanted to relay a message to Washington when it forced the US President to descend Air Force One via the back door and without a red carpet.
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Chinese leaders sparked a diplomatic storm when they welcomed US President Barack Obama in a humiliating manner yesterday (Saturday). Obama, who arrived in China for the G20 summit, was forced to descend the plane without the usual red carpet and from the backside of the plane while no senior level Chinese officials greeted him.

The Chinese authorities pulled out the red carpet for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, French President François Hollande, Brazilian President Michel Temer and British Prime Minister Theresa May. However, Obama, who is in the middle of what appears to be his last trip to Asia, was forced to leave the plane from the back door.

On the ground, one of the Chinese officials was seen shouting: “This is our country, this is our airport.” A New York Times reporter who was at the scene said that the way Obama and the White House staff members were greeted was insulting.

Mexico’s former ambassador to China Jorge Guajardo told The Guardian that he is certain that Obama’s humiliating greeting was not a mistake. “These things do not happen by mistake. Not with the Chinese,” said Guajardo.

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