Watch: Clinton collapses on the way to the car after suffering from dehydration

In documentation that was published, Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton appears being supported by her security personnel after suffering from dehydration. Afterwards, she was taken to her daughter’s apartment: “I feel excellent.”

Fox News reported that Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton fell ill today during a special ceremony for victims of the September 11 terror attacks. Eye-witnesses reported that Clinton left the place suddenly.

The Clinton campaign released a statement saying that the Democratic candidate suffered from dehydration and went to her daughter’s apartment to rest: “She is feeling much better now.” Reuters reported that Clinton is now on her way to her home in New York.

In the documentation of the incident, Clinton is evacuated together with her personnel to a car that is waiting for her. The Democratic Candidate appears as though it is difficult for her to stand steady. With the arrival of the vehicle, Clinton tripped apparently after fainting. Now, there is a fear that the video was distributed in order to harm Clinton’s campaign.

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