New York man suffers severe burns after e-cigarette explodes in pocket

A 31-year-old from New York was severely burned after his e-cigarette caught on fire in his pocket for reasons still unknown. His attorney says his client is suffering greatly and they intend to sue.
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The e-cigarette has become widely popular especially in the US where there are bans on public smoking. Some believe the e-cigarette is healthier than regular cigarettes, like 31-year-old New Yorker Otis Gooding, who unfortunately had a quite unhealthy experience with his e-cigarette this past week.

Security footage revealed that during his work shift at a wine store in Manhattan, Gooding's e-cigarette suddenly exploded and caught fire in his pocket, causing severe burns. Gooding attempted to remove the device from his pocket as his co-workers initially ducked from the flames in fear. His friends helped him put out the fire seconds later.

In an interview with CNN, Gooding's attorney said his client suffered 3rd degree burns on his leg and may need surgery. Witnesses were shaken up from the incident. "Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do but call the police," said Gooding’s co-worker John Lee to CNN. "Otis ran water on himself till the paramedics came. I was traumatized to see someone hurt that way."

As the popularity of the e-cigarettes grows, the product itself changes. Such was the case here where it is suspected that Gooding's device was a customizable one. Lee, a former e-cigarette user himself, said, "I've never seen one that has so much power, its aftermarket customized so you can change the voltage for high performances."

This wasn’t the first time an e-cigarette has exploded. In the last few months alone, there have been a number of similar events. In New York, an e-cigarette exploded in a user's face, causing a hole in his tongue as well as the loss of some of his teeth. Another incident occurred in Alabama where a young teenage boy was struck and burned by the hot battery when a classmate's e-cigarette exploded.

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