Watch: Cliff collapsed into the sea during earthquake in New Zealand

Christchurch residents received a frightening reminder of the deadly earthquake that hit New Zealand just 5 years ago. The 5.7 magnitude earthquake caused a cliff to collapse into the sea and houses to tremble for 15 seconds.
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5 years after a deadly earthquake stuck New Zealand, another one was felt today (Sunday) in thte city of Christchurch. The quake continued for 15 seconds and caused a cliff to collapse into the ocean. According to reports, no injuries or serious damages were reported in the “Valentine’s Day earthquake.”

In the video, cars are seen shaking while chairs and lamps in houses are trembling. People who were enjoying their day on the beach were shocked to see a cliff collapse into the ocean. This quake reminds the New Zealand residents of the deadly earthquake that hit the island just 5 years ago, in which 185 people lost their lives. That earthquake also destroyed the Christchurch city center.

“The ground started to go soft,” said Stephen O'Dwyer who arrived to the beach with his wife and dog, just when the cliff began to collapse. “Water was coming up under the sand and people were sinking down to the ankles as the ground went soft. It shook for about 20 seconds," he explained to the BBC.

New Zealand is situated in the “Ring of Fire,” the area in the Pacific Ocean that suffers from many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

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