World plastic crisis: Enormous amount of plastic polluting oceans

Mountains of plastic are being found in the oceans’ waters, but the human eye is only exposed to 20 percent of it. Australian researchers are warning that this is humanity’s next crisis and that world leaders need to wake up and quickly solve the pollution problem, which is troubling the whole globe.
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Australian researchers claim that the world is unaware of the true quantities of plastic flooding beaches, seas and oceans. In fact, researchers are asserting that humanity is only exposed to 20 percent of the plastic waste and that 80% of it was out of their sight.

Dr. Jennifer Lavers from the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania researched remote beaches, the kind that are supposed to be a paradise distant from humanity’s impact, and found bleak results. “This is humanity’s next crisis,” she warned. “The reality of the plastic situation is that we are only skimming the surface.”

Crisis in a bottle: The world is polluted with plastic – a lot of it Photo Credit/SKY News/Channel 2 News

Dr. Lavers conducted research on the Australian Territory of Cocos Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean and discovered that the islands’ 600 residents send special teams to clean the beaches and collect mountains of plastic from Indonesia, India and China, which traveled thousands of kilometers in the ocean.

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