Watch: Incredible ‘Sky Pool’ in Houston gone viral

An apartment building in Houston provides residents with the opportunity to swim in an incredible pool with see-through floors above the busy streets of the city with an incredible view.
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A prestigious apartment building in Houston, Texas, managed to mesmerize and attract viewers from around the world. The reason is the rooftop pool, which sits at a height of 154 meters and has a glass-bottom. The pool offers a frightening view of the city. Locals call it the ‘Sky Pool’.

In a video uploaded by one of the residents of the building, one can catch a glimpse of the feeling of walking in the skies of Houston. However, the building also has an indoor pool for those afraid of heights.

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It’s possible to rent an apartment in the building for 18,715 dollars a month. Since the release of the video online, it has gone viral and received thousands of reactions-some people said they were too terrified to set foot in it while others claim it’s the coolest thing they have ever seen.

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