Watch: Kim Jong-nam’s son surfaces in video after father’s death

After the North Korean supreme leader’s half-brother was murdered in Malaysia last week, Kim Jong-nam’s son recorded a video where he is in hiding with his mother and sister. He thanked the foreign governments that are aiding them in finding asylum.
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A person claiming to be the son of Kim Jong-nam, North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother who was slain in Malaysia, tells in a video how he, his sister and his mother have been hiding since his father’s murder, fearing that they will also be targeted.

The video was uploaded to the website of a humanitarian aid group called the Cheollima Civil Defense, which reported that the governments of the Netherlands, China, the US and a fourth unnamed country are providing humanitarian aid to the family in order to protect them.

Kim Han-sol Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The man identified by the South Korean government as Kim Han-sol presented a North Korean passport in front of the camera and thanked those aiding him. “I’m currently with my mother and my sister,” said Kim Han-sol. “We hope this gets better soon.” 21-year-old Kim Han-sol is Kim Jong-nam’s son from his second wife, who he has been living with in Macau under Chinese government protection since he and his family fled from North Korea.

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