Watch: Man built 3D printed prosthetic arm for his 1-year-old son

Ben Ryan was a psychology teacher when his son Sol was forced to undergo a hand amputation at the early age of 10 days. When he discovered that prosthetics are only available from a later age, he decided to solve the problem himself and developed a 3D printed bionic arm.
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When his son Sol was forced to undergo a hand amputation at the early age of 10 days, Ben Ryan was exposed to the sad state of the prostheses industry for babies. Prosthetics combined with sensor technology are only available from the age of 4 and even then, many refuse to wear them as they are ugly and awkward. That’s why Ben decided to take matters into his own hands and built a bionic arm for his son. Interestingly, he wasn’t an engineer or robotics expert- he was a psychology teacher.

Ryan decided to teach himself robotics in order to solve Sol’s problem. His wife said he locked himself in for several days and didn’t come out. After a long time researching, he managed to build a unique bionic arm with a 3D printer that his 1-year-old son can now control on his own.

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