Watch: Man steals bucket of gold in NY

Man in New York stole a bucket of gold worth 1.6 million dollars, when he realized it was left unattended in the open trunk of an armored vehicle. Local police asked the public’s help in locating the suspect.
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Today (Wednesday), CNN published security footage showing a man in New York stealing a bucket of gold worth 1.6 million dollars. During the incident that took place in September, the thief noticed the bucket in the trunk of an unattended armored vehicle. The local police is asking for the public’s help in locating the suspect.

The video shows how the man, in his fifties or sixties, passes the armored truck when he suddenly notices the bucket is left unattended. While the 2 security workers in charge of the truck were talking in the front, the suspect took the opportunity and stole the bucket of gold.

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The police is still searching for the thief, who stole nearly 40 kilograms of gold.

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