Watch: Manufacturers test Trump’s ‘Beast’ before his Israel trip

Next week, U.S. President Donald Trump will arrive in Israel and travel throughout the country in his state car “The Beast.” Channel 2 Online took a close look at the completely bulletproof vehicle.
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U.S. President Donald Trump will arrive in Israel next week for his first visit to the country since entering the Oval Office. Trump will travel from one place to another via a motorcade that includes armored security vehicles.

The vehicle in which Trump will travel has been dubbed “The Beast.” It has undergone adaptations in order to improve its protection capabilities as various terrorist groups continue to acquire new and improved weapons.

Trump Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The manufacturers of the protection system have been testing their technology by opening fire and setting off explosives on cars equipped with the same system. The protective windshield and windows are bulletproof and made out of layers of glass and glue.

This technology is also used in Israel in order to protect important public figures such as the prime minister and president.

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