Watch: Thousands of anti-government protesters in Venezuela

Large anti-government protests were conducted in Venezuela yesterday as part of what is being called the “mother of all protests.” The protesters called for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s resignation and the release of political prisoners. One protester was killed.
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Massive protests against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro were held on Wednesday throughout the country as organized demonstrations outside of the Venezuelan embassies in Colombia and Peru were also conducted. The hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters are accusing Maduro of causing the serious economic and social crisis in the country. They are also calling him a dictator. At some of the protests, violent clashes between protesters and security forces were reported.

One student was killed after he was shot in the head and many other protesters were injured when police tried to prevent the protests in Caracas from spinning out of control. Supporters of the Venezuelan opposition parties are calling the series of massive protests the “mother of all protests.” In response to the protests, government supporters took to the streets to show their support for Maduro.  

"The mother of all protests" Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The protesters are calling for Maduro’s resignation and the release of hundreds of political prisoners. Several Latin American and European officials are calling on Maduro to preserve the separation of powers and hold an early election. In addition, they said that it is important to allow humanitarian groups to help the country due to the serious lack of food and comply with the protesters’ demand to release the political prisoners.

Maduro is blaming the U.S. for the country’s serious social and economic problems. According to him, the high inflation, food and drug shortages and the high rate of crime are stemming from Washington, which wants to destabilize the country.

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