Watch: North Korea conducts military exercise and burns an “American” plane

Burning an old “American” plane, launching missiles, a naval raid and a fake chemical attack – Pyongyang presents its military exercise in honor of its 85th Military Day.
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Martial arts exercises, burning an old “American” fighter jet and launching missiles towards ships were just some of the military operations that North Korean soldiers conducted during an extensive military exercise, which began today (Tuesday) in honor of the country’s 85th Military Day. The exercise was held as tensions between Pyongyang and Washington rise and a US submarine even arrived near North Korea.

During the military exercise, North Korean soldiers practiced a naval raid, how to deal with a chemical attack and even shooting with live ammunition. All of this was recorded in a propaganda video for the entire world to see. A South Korean official criticized the exercise saying that “there are signs of extensive activity” on the country’s eastern coast, where artillery units are also participating. The South Korean official also stated that the country has “received information that Kim Jong-un is overseeing the exercise himself,” and indeed, the leader is seen overseeing the exercise and praising his soldiers in the footage.

North Koreans train by burning American jet Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

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