South Korean journalist regarding hydrogen bomb test: ‘North Korea wants to prove itself’

A South Korean journalist tells Channel 2 News about feelings following the hydrogen bomb test. She also explains what Kim Jong-un’s true intentions are with the series of nuclear missile and bomb tests – and how the rising tensions are affecting her country.

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Shortly after Pyongyang announced its “perfect and successful” hydrogen bomb test, Channel 2 News talked with Jihye Lee, a journalist from Seoul, who spoke about the tensions, attempts to return to a state of normalcy and the uncertainty that stems from US President Donald Trump’s ambiguous policy.

“The inconsistency coming from the Trump administration definitely confuses a lot of the people not only in South Korea, but also in the US,” Lee said. “You have an unpredictable rhetoric coming from North Korea, as well as an unpredictable rhetoric from the Trump administration. So, the public is rather more confused with which information will be more credible. A lot of people are asking me if I’m afraid that it [the nuclear test] will lead to more military action along the border.”

South Korean journalist Jihye Lee Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

According to Lee, the reports concerning the nuclear test and the earthquakes piqued the interest of many, but the ongoing missile tests have simply become a part of South Korea’s reality: “In South Korea in general it’s a normal day, except online, I see a lot of people asking about the important announcement made by North Korea.”

Kim Jong-un and the hydrogen bomb Photo Credit: KCNA/Channel 2 News

Lee continued, explaining that the North Korean threat is very complicated stemming from the isolated country’s position in the international community and is not simply about military escalation along the South Korean border. “A lot of analysts that I’ve talked to have told me it’s not really about North Korea trying to attack South Korea, but North Korea trying to raise a voice within the international community. North Korea wants to prove itself that it doesn’t need South Korea anymore, nor does it need China anymore in order to make its own independent decision and conduct its own nuclear tests.”

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