Watch: China launches space laboratory

The China National Space Administration launched its second space lab into low Earth orbit. The laboratory will orbit at an altitude of 400 kilometers above the Earth and will serve as the foundation for the establishment of a permanent Chinese space station.

Spectacular launch into space

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China launched its second space laboratory last night (Thursday) above the atmosphere and will start to execute the program to operate a permanent space station. The spectacular launch shook the Gobi Desert, which is located along the border between Mongolia and China, and lit up the sky for several minutes.

The space laboratory, known as Tiangong-2, will orbit the Earth at an altitude of 400 kilometers above the planet. Later in the year, the Chinese are expected to launch two taikonauts (Chinese astronauts) to man the lab for a month and perform different experiments.

The Chinese have announced that their main goal is to build a permanent space laboratory that will orbit the Earth. In 2020, they plan to launch the main parts of the space station, which will weigh more than 20 tons.

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