Student attacked while speaking out against Trump at Ohio State University campus

Footage from Ohio State University shows a student protesting Trump when suddenly another rushes up from behind and pushes him down the stairs, injuring him. He was taken to the hospital for treatment while the attacker was arrested and has been suspended from school.

The attack was caught on camera

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A week has passed since Donald Trump was elected president and the atmosphere nationwide is tense. Unable to accept the results, thousands have been participating in protests across major cities and campuses almost every night with many resulting in violence. Yesterday, a student spoke at such a protest on campus at Ohio State University.

In the above footage released a few hours ago, Timothy Adams is seen speaking to a crowd of students at a small anti-Trump protest on campus when another student, 24-year-old Shane Stanton, rushes from behind pushing Adams down the stairs.

According to reports, Adams was injured and evacuated to the hospital. The attacker, who himself was subsequently attacked by members of the crowd, was arrested and will be facing charges for the attack. The university administration announced that he has been suspended from school until further notice. OSU President Michael Drake spoke to the student newspaper, The Lantern, saying that the university protects First Amendment rights but that the school does not tolerate threats or violence.

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